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This ‘Star Wars’ Gym Gear Will Help The Force Be With You

For the Star Wars fanatic who also happens to be a home gym junkie, one company decided to fill the woeful lack of Star Wars-themed gym equipment. Yes, the force is strong with this one.

Fitness company Onnit has produced a line of Star Wars-themed kettle bells, yoga mats, and medicine balls. The interestingly Empire-centric equipment comes in black cast-iron and features some well-known baddies of the franchise.

The kettlebells feature the faces of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and stormtroopers while the slam ball resembles the Death Star. The one Rebel-focused piece is the yoga mat, which resembles Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

Above you can watch videos of how to use the kettle bells and slam ball—or how to use any kettle bells and slam ball, really. Onnit products have also received endorsements from Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus, as well as Olympic gold-medal skier Bode Miller and UFC Welterweight Champion Tyrone Woodley.

If you’re interested, it’ll cost you. The yoga mat retails for $64.95, while the kettlebells range from $149.95-$199.95. The Death Star slam ball, our favorite of the set, will cost you $74.95. The items are currently available for pre-order here and expect to ship in November.


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