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This Terrifying Plane Landing Might Make You Swear Off Flying For Good

A dramatic video captured at the Dusseldorf Airport in Germany shows a huge plane that’s almost blown away by the strong winds of a storm. Yikes.

The video was captured by Martin Bogdan, an airplane spotter who claims that he’s never seen a landing so abrupt and winds so strong. 

I have filmed a few thousand crosswind landings at several airports in Europe within the past years, but this Airbus A380 crosswind landing was extremely hard and extraordinary,”

I have never seen such a tremendous reaction of an aeroplane after a touchdown. You can see that the pilots tried to align with the runway by using the tail rudder and luckily it worked out.”

The plane was very large in size and from the Emirates Airlines, landing on Germany the past Tuesday. The airline claims that, despite the crazy footage, the safety of the passengers was never in question. Maybe that’s what all airplanes do when they land. We’d rather not know.

According to The Huffington Post, the Dusseldorf airport is known for it’s crazy crosswind landings, which airplane spotters document regularly. If you’re willing to never get on a plane again, check out this compilation video of crazy landings that’ll leave you shook.


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