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The Secret To Making The Perfect Scrambled Eggs Every Time

When you want to make some scrambled eggs, the usual line items include a hot pan, a spatula, some butter and eggs. But guess what? We’ve all been duped.

San Francisco celeb chef Daniel Patterson of the Michelin two-starred Coi wants you to take a seat because he is here to show us all how tired our “pan, butter, eggs’ routine is. His secret? Create a whirlpool of hot water and pour in your egg mixture. It’s simple, to the point, and is pure perfection.

Patterson is currently promoting his new cookbook, “The Art of Flavor,” which encourages cooks to create food without recipes. As Bloomberg notes, up until the “lightbulb moment”of cooking eggs in boiling water, Patterson had never quite figured out how to clean egg remnants from his cast iron pans. And using Teflon wasn’t an option, because of it’s toxic properties.

This new technique basically poaches eggs that are pre-beaten. The air bubbles in the boiling water also cause the eggs to expand, creating a super light and fluffy final product, which you can easily whip up on your own any day of the week.

Bloomberg has shared Patterson’s recipe, which you can also find in his new book:

Serves 2

4 large eggs, as fresh as possible
Salt and freshly ground pepper
Unsalted butter

In a bowl, beat the eggs until well-blended, about 30 seconds. (Tester’s Note: For lighter scrambled eggs, crack each egg into a fine mesh strainer set over a bowl; a little bit of the watery egg white will drip out. Discard it, rinse the strainer, and set over your sink.)

In a medium pot of water, heat four or more inches of water to a low boil over medium heat. Add a few large pinches of salt.


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