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9 Types Of Glassware You Need In Your At-Home Beer Bar

It’s constant: “Let’s raise a glass to this!” “Let’s raise a glass to that!” With all this glass raising expectation, where’s the teaching lesson on what kinds of glassware to use for your at-home beer bar? Everyone’s familiar with the ubiquitous pint glass, but what other chalices might be out there to hold your brew? What other glinting receptacles are available for you to clink with, to cheers! another victory, a promotion, or to wish someone well?

Here are 9 beer glasses (not to be confused with goggles) that you should stock in your kitchen cabinets for the next time a special occasion finds you.


1. Schooner

Otherwise known as a half-pint, but here’s the dirty little secret: It’s more than a half-pint! It’s 10 oz. (a half-pint would be 8 oz.). The jury is still out whether walking up to the bar and saying, “Can I get a schooner of IPA” is a cool-sounding thing, but you’ll definitely sound like you know what you’re talking about.

And, if you ask G.I. Joe, knowing is half the battle (or maybe 10 oz. of the battle).

2. Trappist Goblet

Maybe the coolest of all the beer glass options. This one makes you feel like a king at a feast table no matter where you are or what you’re drinking. Put the goblet next to a cornucopia and just end it there. You’ve won life!

3. Stein

Basically like a thick, fortified glass mug. But get one at your favorite German bar and smash it down on the table and watch the froth shoot up and then slide down everywhere and say, “LET’S HAVE ANOTHER ROUND!” You’ll either feel like the surly dwarf from Lord of the Rings or you’ll feel like there’s mutton hanging from your proverbial beard. Either way, sounds fun!

4. Boot

Another German institution when it comes to beer guzzling. The beer is the ultimate challenge. It’s the ultimate F-You to the gods, where you proclaim your dominance over the entire (beer drinking) world. Get the boot, fill it with beer, and watch the faces stare you, aghast, as you chug down the lifeblood of the evening.

5. The Long V

Otherwise known as a Pilsner glass. This is a delicate, pseudo-fancy option for drinking. You see these glasses in airports and T.G.I.Fridays — in other words, places that churn out customers but also still want to seem high-minded.

The Long V glass is deceptive. You feel like you can drink the contents in one sip. But be careful, young one, they pack the same punch as a pint glass.

6. Dragon’s Egg

Or what most people know as a snifter, but let’s call it a dragon’s egg for fun. It’s always nice to get a little medieval reference in your drinking spell. These are the squat, fat and round glasses that somehow make you feel like you’re getting more for your drinking buck. It’s subliminal somehow. Or, maybe, MAGIC!

7. Tasters

These small, bullet-like glasses are like the shot glasses for beer. They’re tiny, not much to look at on their own, but when they’re lined up in a row on a little wooden board, they’re what dreams are made of. Look, there’s a Pilsner, Red Ale, Porter, Brown Ale, and an IPA — all in one location! Mouth-watering.


Not just for champagne anymore. Flutes are a combination dragon’s egg and taster. They’re sleek, delicate and fun. They’re not the most useful of glasses because they don’t fit on a board and they don’t hold a lot of liquid, but they show off you have a sense of the lavish.


The prettiest sounding beer glass. A more refined version of the dragon’s egg. The tulip blooms and blossoms, giving your beer a wide birth to pour out into your lips before you say, “Ahhhh.” Also, if you hand someone a “tulip of beer” they will likely remember that moment for at least a week, the sign of any good night.

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