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5 Fun Facts About Cannabis Beer

The world is changing. We have smartphones on our watches. We have Avengers movies in 3-D IMAX. And the world is embracing cannabis more and more. It’s likely that every November election in America from now until 2030 will include new states in the Union adopting legal cannabis. But while this trend is taking over, some things are most assuredly staying the same.

Beer, which has been around for thousands of years, is still one of the top consumed beverages on the planet; IPAs, Lagers and Pale Ales are beloved. But all of this begets the question: what would happen if you combined cannabis and beer? In other words, what is the state of cannabis beers at this time? Well here are 5 fun facts about cannabis beer.

What Started The Trend?

Well, along with a human desire to get high, innovation started the trend. Today, there are more and more ways to consume cannabis, from joints and vape pens to delicious apple ciders and sparkling waters. But more and more, people are trying to create the perfect balance of cannabis-infused beer.

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Where there is innovation, there is often a dollar to be made! And while cannabis beers could prove risky – combing two psychoactive substances isn’t for the weak-of-heart – there are many trying to perfect the drink style to help you relax and enjoy the party properly. As of now, however, selling cannabis-infused alcohol remains illegal in the U.S.

What Do Cannabis-Infused Drinks Taste Like?

That all depends. Certain cannabis beverages on the market today, like Legal from Mirth Provisions, can have very strong flavors. While Legal doesn’t make a cannabis beer, their beverages are big in flavor so as to mask the mild cannabis taste that many infused products suffer from (hello, homemade pot brownies!).

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Other companies, like Seattle’s Tarukino, make beverages like Vertus, an alcohol-free cannabis champagne-style drink that does not taste at all like pot. And Tarukino, rumor has it, is also developing a cannabis-infused “barley soda” which will taste like beer and not taste like cannabis, but would also NOT include alcohol (hat is, until Uncle Sam changes his policies.)

What’s Happening Right Now?

Things are changing pretty quickly. The company that invented Blue Moon beer recently announced its intentions to create non-alcoholic cannabis-infused “beer” this fall that will “mimic” the effects of alcohol. Other breweries are infusing their beer with CBD, or the non-psychoactive sibling of THC.

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And last year, the company that makes Corona made the biggest splash, acquiring a 9.9% stake in a Canadian cannabis company. And while there is no Corona Weed Beer yet, it’s not hard to imagine one in your summer cooler a year or two from now.

Can I Buy Cannabis Beer?

No. Well, you can’t buy true, alcoholic cannabis beer at this time. North American governments are still quite wary about blessing the combination of cannabis and booze, but soon, hopefully! (Dear god, please soon!)

Where is The Trend Going?

Word on the proverbial street is that Canada is making a big national push to Federally legalize cannabis. This would be huge when considering the future of the cannabis market on the whole – cannabis beer included. Canadians love their Molson and while it’s often too cold to step outside of the hockey bar and smoke a joint, soon many quaffers will not have to while still getting their booze and THC fix.


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