Monday, February 26, 2024

International Love: 9 Instagram-Worthy Snacks We Need In America

You’d think that the country that invented Mac n’ Cheetos would have the best snacks. And you’d be partly right. We have some very good snacks here in the U.S.A. But some other countries around the world have created treats that will leave you salivating—and contemplating schemes to buy a private jet.

Doughnut Ice Cream Cone (Prague)
An Elephant Ear stuffed with ice cream. How is it possible that a Florida fair didn’t come up with this first?

Pisang Goreng (Indonesia)
While we sit here peeling our bananas and eating them raw like a bunch of plebeians, the folks in Indonesia batter-fry theirs and serve them with ice cream, honey and/or coconut cream.

Dadar Gulung (Indonesia)
Another breakfast staple made even greater by Indonesia, dadar gulung is a step above your average pancake (often referred to as a coconut pancake). Made of pandan leaves, which give it a vanilla flavor, these are rolled and filled with coconut sugar.

Syrniki (Russia)
Russians are also fond of their pancakes. Syrniki is made of quark (think of a sour cream and cottage cheese hybrid) and is typically fried and served with jam, fruit or honey.

Filled Cones (Barcelona)
Ice cream not withstanding, most food here in the U.S. served in paper cones is usually either popcorn or popcorn shrimp. In places like Spain, their cones are filled with sausages, potatoes, fresh vegetables and other market fresh items.

Picarones (Peru)
Even the doughnuts look sexier in other countries. The Peruvian version includes the savory additions of sweet potato, squash, and anise.

Apam balik (Malaysia)
A Malaysian “turnover pancake” filled with a buttery mixture of crushed peanuts and sugar.

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Germany)
Translation: Black Forest cherry torte, which originated in the German region of Black Forest. It’s made with cream, chocolate, cherries and kirsch — a sour cherry liquor which the German law mandates as an ingredient.

Pasta In a Cheese Bowl (Rome)
“Would you like cheese on your pasta?”
“Yes, and also around my pasta if that’s doable.”



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