Sunday, March 26, 2023

Carpool Karaoke Chaos: Man Crashes Car While Singing Into Dashcam

As James Corden had made clear, recording yourself singing along to pop songs while driving your car can be very profitable. As Travis Carpenter has now made clear, it can also be very dangerous.

The Daily Dot reports that Carpenter was making the three-hour trip from Indianapolis to Whitewater, Wisconsin and singing as he usually does—he said he likes to record his singing on a dashcam, so he can review it later—when he suddenly began to hydroplane. From Carpenter’s YouTube description:

I was going 70mph (speed limit) on I65 north. I travel the 3-4 hours by myself every time and use singing as a way to pass time, and critique it later. I was watching the road and saw nothing that caused me to worry. Simply hydroplaned in a heavy rain. My car slid sideways, and then was completely backwards by the time I slid off the road and went down a small hill. I hit a mile marker sign (230) on my way off the road. Here are two of the most amazing parts: I sustained NO injuries. Not even a scratch. And my car took NO mechanical damage and is completely driveable. Only body damage.

Now we all know the many dangers of singing the Counting Crows while driving in a rain storm. Watch the full video below:



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