Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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San Francisco Plagued By Mysterious Rotten Egg Smell

Dozens of people in San Francisco have complained about a puzzling rotten egg smell drifting through the city over the past two days.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that 15 people called the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to complain about the odor between 11 pm Wednesday and 1 am Thursday; that follows a whopping 54 calls received by the city early Wednesday morning starting at 2 am.

For now, officials are baffled, though gas and oil giant Chevron may be the culprit. The company may have released sulfur during consecutive nights of flaring,or burning off excess gas, at a nearby refinery, though the company denies being the source of the offensive smell.

Landfills, local ships, and wastewater treatment centers are all being investigated as well.

“Once we determine the source, we will pursue any and all enforcement actions available,” Jack Broadbent, executive director of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, told the Chronicle.

Until then, we suggest that San Francisco residents burn something else to mask the noxious smell.


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