Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Hot Mess: Share Your Craziest Stories With Us Right Now

Here at The Fresh Toast we publish all sorts of posts. We write about movies, food, music, celebrities, drinks, and—most importantly—cannabis. But we also have a section called Hot Mess, which is where we share weird crime news and insane, reader-submitted first-person essays. This is where you come in.

We’re constantly on the lookout for a new crazy story. Work as a first responder and deal with a breast-groping, taco meat-eating patient? Share a train with an absurdly drunk person and her boss? Have a future mother-in-law who couldn’t keep her hands off your brother’s junk? Let us know. If it’s a wild-enough story we’ll publish it. We will, of course, change any names or other information that could be used to identify yourself or anyone involved.

We’ll always have posts up about psychotic clowns or naked men humping trees in Florida, but we truly believe the best stories come from our readers. The only criteria is: Is this a story you couldn’t believe as it was happening and that you couldn’t wait to tell your friends? Do people ask you to retell it at parties? If so, shoot us an email at share@thefreshtoast.com, and share your best stories with the world



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