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Hacks To Make The Most Of Your Marijuana Experience

Fall is in the air, but you want might want a better, different, chill….we got you

Some people use falls a chance to relax, chill and reflect on the world.  For causal or new cannabis users, it can be a fun time to consume – watching classic horror movies, taking a stroll and seeing the panoply of colors on trees or having a long discussion on pumpkin spice. To help you, here are hacks to make the most of your marijuana experience.


Link Between Cannabis And The Munchies Is More Complicated Than You Might Think
Photo by Christopher Williams via Unsplash

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When the munchies strike, there’s very little you can do except indulge. Seasoned cannabis users usually learn to curb their urges, but for newcomers, mints are a good option. Mints can help you focus on something else, distracting you from the urge of eating food. Just like people who stop smoking tend to chew gum, mints can help keep your mind off blowing your diet.

A Penny

Dispensaries And Marijuana Businesses Expect Sales To Rise Ahead Of Super Bowl
Photo by Elsa Olofsson via Unsplash

While you should always invest in a grinder, there are ways of cutting your marijuana neatly and evenly when in a bind. Take a penny and clean it thoroughly, then put your marijuana in a pillbox, drop the penny inside, close it up, and shake. Keep on shaking. After a vigorous workout, you’ll be left with some evenly cut marijuana.


What You Need To Know About CBD Honey
Photo by Arwin Neil Baichoo via Unsplash

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Honey is a great companion for marijuana. After you’ve finished rolling up a joint or a blunt, be sure to coat it with a small amount of honey. This will ensure your joint/blunt burns more slowly and evenly while also adding some sweetness.

Compact and Floppy Discs

What Happens When You Smoke Two Cannabis Strains From The Same Bowl
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

If you’re visiting your parents’ house, you’ll probably run into some floppy discs. These can be used to neatly pack bowls by using the middle hole of the discs. Easy, fast, and you’ll give use to something which is otherwise trash.

A Sock

Oh yeah, there’s also this.



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