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How To Store And Keep Your Edibles Fresh

Edibles should be properly wrapped and stored for a longer shelf life. Here are some basics to get you started.

Edibles are fun and delicious, producing strong highs that can last for long periods of time. When used correctly, edibles can produce long highs that are manageable and perfect for daytime use, eliminating some lung damage and perhaps saving you some money. Still, since edibles are food, it’s important to know how to preserve them for best flavor and effect.

Here’s how to store your edibles and keep them as fresh and delicious as possible.

Store them in an airtight container and a cool space

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Edibles vary greatly in flavor and type. Edible candies lastly last longer than chocolate, so it’s important to store each in the right place.

Candies and gummies likely have a coating of sugar, which extends their shelf life. As long as you control their exposure to air and temperature, these edibles should last for a good amount of time, for 6 to 9 months, with the harder the candy the longer the shelf life. Wrap them carefully and tightly and place them in an airtight container like a Ziploc bag or a mason jar, and place them in a cool and dry place in your pantry.

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Chocolates have a shelf life of up to a year when stored properly. They should be wrapped in tinfoil and stored in a cool and dark place, like your pantry. Make sure to label them properly, since you don’t want to confuse your THC chocolate with your normal chocolate.

Freezing and refrigerating extends shelf life but affects flavor

Why Do Some People Not Get High From Eating Edibles?
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Your fridge is always an option, adding an extra couple of months to edibles, but know that flavor and texture might be affected. When storing chocolate in the fridge, a white coating may appear, but this is simply reaction from the chocolate’s sugar rising to the surface after having been exposed to the cold and absorbing some moisture. It doesn’t affect flavor and isn’t harmful.

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For best performance, store your edible in an airtight container in the fridge and take it out a couple of hours before you eat it, to regain best texture and flavor.

Home-made vs. store bought

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Store bought edibles have to comply with several guidelines provided by the state, meaning that the majority are shelf-stable for long periods of time. Home made edibles and condiments are a different story, only lasting for a couple of months in the freezer if stored and prepared correctly.

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Some basic storage guidelines include properly packaging your foods in glass containers, jars or wrapping them in tinfoil. Every time you grab a piece make sure to use a clean spoon and knife, since a dirty utensil could result in cross contamination and mold.



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