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Trick Or Treat: Tips For Keeping Candy Edibles Away From Children

Everyone wants to enjoy their edibles safely, so when there are kids or pets in the household, it starts with keeping them out of their reach.

Since spooky season is upon us, it won’t be long before everyone is indulging themselves in their favorite sweet treats. And for many of us, those treats could contain cannabis.

As many canna-consumers know, there is a wide variety of products on the market capable of satisfying a sweet tooth while delivering a buzz. The problem is that those treats can be easily accessed by unsuspecting children. Fortunately, there are numerous ways consumers can keep that from happening. Here are a few tips to keep kids away from cannabis.

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Open and Empty Them Into a Tightly Sealed Container

One of the aspects of edibles that attracts the attention of children is the fact that they often look like the treats that they’re used to. Additionally, as effective as child proof seals can be on packages, every now and again there are kids who are smart enough to get into them anyway. That’s why one of the most effective ways of keeping them out of their hands is by removing them from the packaging altogether and keeping them in a tightly sealed jar or container. Doing that allows consumers to keep their goodies fresh, without catching the attention of children. 

Keep Them Out of Sight

Storing edibles in a separate container, out of the sight of children solves numerous problems for consumers. Among the biggest are dealing with kids who accidentally eat them thinking they’re regular treats they’re used to, along with conversations about why they aren’t allowed to have them.

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By having a designated location for them, the only time they come out is when you’re ready to enjoy them. That eliminates a lot of the worry that comes with consuming edibles while children are present. The key to storing edibles out of plain sight is not forgetting where they are, so they don’t go bad.

Dispose of Them Correctly

As great as edibles are, they can pack quite the punch. With that in mind, it’s easy to feel the effects of an edible set in quicker than you might have anticipated. When that happens, and consumers prefer to dispose of edibles that they can’t eat, it’s important to get rid of them safely.

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In many cases, leftover edibles can be conserved with foil and safe storage as mentioned earlier. On the other hand, there are cases when consumers prefer not to save their leftovers, so if that’s the case it’s best for consumers to finely break up any remnants of an edible and blend it with the rest of the waste in the garbage can. 

Why Do Some People Not Get High From Eating Edibles?
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One of the great things about consuming marijuana nowadays is the fact that consumers aren’t restricted to smoking; people can enjoy their cannabis in numerous forms like brownies, cupcakes and gummies.

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Everyone wants to enjoy their edibles safely, so when there are kids or pets in the household, it starts with keeping them out of their reach. Marijuana edibles can have detrimental health effects when taken unintentionally.


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