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A Real-Life Sharknado Hit Australia Following a Tropical Cyclone

Following a heavy storm, you never know what will wash ashore. It could be a giant blunt, or poop. The people in the Australian state of Queensland received property damage and floodwater following an intense tropical cyclone this past week. No one was seriously injured by Cyclone Debbie, thankfully. But there was a sharknado.

People keen on splashing around the floodwater were warned by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services not to for a very valid reason. Why you might ask? Well apparently there was a bull shark that washed ashore.

You might consider this a fluke to be cast aside. But as Gizmodo correctly points out, this phenomenon should be called what it is: a sharknado. Now if you watched the documentary film Sharknado, you’d know that sharknadoes are natural occurrences when a tornadoes lifts a sharks out of the ocean and deposits them into civilian-infested lands. Chaos ensues.

As we mentioned, luckily no one was seriously injured by this sharknado. Schools were closed following serious flooding, but more alarming was a fire that broke out at Brisbane’s landmark XXXX brewery. More than 40 firefighters were dispatched to the scene, and were able to put the fire under control.

The Brisbane Times reached out to a spokesperson for the company, who informed the masses, there will be “no disruption to supply.” The people probably need the beer following all this calamity.

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