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Cannabis Cigarettes Can Soon Be Purchased At These Supermarkets

This month in Switzerland you will be able to buy legal cannabis at your local supermarket. Okay, we’ll explain. The product in question is being labeled the world’s first hemp cigarette and is produced by the independent cigarette company Heimat.

Thanks to Switzerland’s cannabis laws, which states products can contain up to 1 percent of THC, these hemp cigarettes fit under the legal limit. Starting July 24, Heimat’s hemp cigarettes will be sold in Coop, one of Switzerland’s largest supermarket chains. According to its Swiss manufacturers, it will become the “first and only cigarette containing cannabis that is sold in a regular supermarket.”

The cigarettes contain both hemp and cannabidiol (CBD). Because of the Swiss limitations of THC allowed, the cigarettes will have 20 percent CBD, the supposed right amount to experience the health benefits of CBD. According to USA TODAY, the cigarettes will include four grams of THC in a pack of 20. That pack will run you around $20 and can also be purchased online.

Here is how Heimat describes the taste:

[…] the natural tobacco-and-hemp blend develops a bouquet of mild, sweet and spicy aromas when smoked, exuding the unmistakable scent of cannabis.

You may be curious to try such a product. But the company emphasizes that this is for Switzerland usage only. As the company writes on its website, “Heimat Tabak & Hanf cigarettes can be consumed legally wherever smoking is permitted—in Switzerland, in any case. The cigarettes should not be taken abroad, as this may result in prosecution due to the differences in the permissible THC limits in other countries.”

Of course you can buy similar products in dispensaries in states that have legalized marijuana. But in America, you likely won’t see any hemp cigarettes anytime soon.


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