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Combining Seattle’s Coffee And Cannabis Cultures Into One Shop

Cannabis and coffee. It’s a combination made famous in Seattle. Origins, a premium Seattle-based marijuana retailer, is blending the two popular mood boosters when it opens the doors to its second location about 15 miles east of Seattle.

Since Starbucks opened its first storefront in Seattle in 1971, the Emerald City has built a well-earned reputation as the nation’s coffee capital. And when Washington citizens voted to legalize recreational cannabis in 2012, a thriving marijuana culture emerged in the city also famous for rain, grunge music and natural beauty.

Origins, which opened its first store in West Seattle in 2016, will host a grand opening for its new Redmond location Saturday from 3-7 p.m. The store is smack-dab in the middle of the suburb’s Old Town retail corridor and just a few miles away from Microsoft’s worldwide headquarters.

“We believe there will be tremendous growth opportunity in the suburbs,” said Angela Carson, Director of Marketing for Origins. “We know there are a lot of people living in this community who are curious about what cannabis can do for them. And we definitely will focus on customer education and information.”

Not only will the Redmond store have a full complement of cannabis products – from flower to edibles to concentrates – Origins will also have a corner coffee shop for downtown shoppers to stop and socialize. “Coffee and cannabis are similar in that they both are meant to bring people together,” Carson says. “We want our store to be a hub for the community and a place for people to meet.”  The coffee shop will seat about 20 people and will serve small-batch roasts.

The Origins Lifestyle Spectrum

Origins provides a unique retail experience designed for all cannabis consumers – from longtime experts to the “cannabis curious crowd.” Origins makes shopping intuitive and simple by breaking down the plethora of products into “lifestyle” categories.

“When we embarked on building the Origins brand, we found that due to years of misinformation (or lack of information), most consumers don’t fully appreciate the complexity of cannabis,” says Andrew Cornwall, Origins Partner. “Given how many different active ingredients there are in cannabis, and the sheer volume of different strains, choosing the right strain to achieve desired effects can be overwhelming. That’s precisely why we developed the Lifestyle Spectrum. We want to take the mystery out of cannabis while helping consumers choose the best strain to fit their lifestyle.

“Once we have established a strain’s Lifestyle, cannabis guides receive training on each Lifestyle and strains within the Lifestyle,” Cornwall continued. “Origins goal is to provide relevant recommendations thus creating loyal and educated clients,” Cornwall added.

The “Lifestyles” created at Origins include:

  • Self-discovery
  • Adventurous
  • Social
  • Holistic
  • Party-goer
  • After hours

According to Cornwall, the Lifestyle Spectrum has helped educate customers new to the cannabis experience while at the same time shortening the shopping time for experienced consumers.

“Our customers who know very little about the effects of cannabis feel very comfortable making purchasing decisions with our system,” Cornwall said. “And we train all our employees about all aspects of our products. Our trained employees love to help shoppers select the right product for them.”

The company has also created the Origins Certified™ program. Cornwall and his team insist on buying their cannabis products from trusted producers and processors, ensuring that the cannabis meets stringent quality and purity controls.

Origins Cannabis is located at 16390 Cleveland St. in Redmond, WA 98052. The location is just a few blocks away from the city’s only outdoor mall – the Redmond Town Center – and is on the main bus route that runs through the town.


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