Sunday, May 28, 2023

Green Crack? This Cannabis Grower Wants To Lose The Silly Marijuana Strain Names

Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Give Calm No. 101 a try. A little inspiration while you write? Give Created No. 301. Or maybe you a boost of energy before going for a hike? Give Charge No. 501. Silly strain names like “God’s Gift” may soon be a thing of the past.

CANNDESCENT, a California cannabis grower, is eschewing strain names such as Gorilla Glue, Green Crack and Alaskan Thunderfuck and choosing instead to offer names that are more consumer friendly.

“You shouldn’t need to bio-hack your body through a periodic table of ominous strain names like Durban Poison and Trainwreck just to buy some pot,” said Adrian Sedlin, CEO of CANNDESCENT. “The way Apple made computing more intuitive and Google streamlined search, we want to democratize strain selection and provide users the opportunity to curate their life experience. Google asked, ‘What do you want to know?’ CANNDESCENT asks, ‘How do you want to feel?’ ”

It is a trend the industry is embracing. The stoner nomenclature of strain-naming simply does not resonate with today’s new consumer base. Why would a patient in his 70s want to purchase a medicine called AK-47? Sure, the cannabis aficionado most likely will be familiar with that specific type of marijuana. But as the herb becomes more mainstream, consumers are desiring clarity.

“Our biggest opportunity rests with the 98 percent of adults who are not regularly enjoying cannabis,” said Sedlin. “We seek to educate them.”

Educating is a large part of CANNDESCENT’s mission.

“Strain names no longer communicate usable information because different growers cultivate the same strain using different phenotypes, grow mediums, nutrients, environments, skills, and pesticides.” said Rick Fisher, CANNDESCENT’s executive vice president of operations.  “Selecting CANNDESCENT Connect No. 401 or any of our strains, users know CANNDESCENT made it and millions of dollars went into creating a robust, reliable and pesticide-free experience.” Fisher added.

The company offers 24 strains under the existing system, and noted that it can accommodate up to 500 strains with plans to add new strains over time.

Retailers See The Light, Too

CANNDESCENT may be the first cultivator to move toward the improved naming convention, but retailers have also seen the light.

Sean Miller, managing partner at Origins, a premier Seattle cannabis retail store, is one of them.

“At Origins we recognized there is natural bias for cannabis recommendations without structured cannabis guide training and product categories,” Miller said.  “To limit the traditional recommendation bias where cannabis guides recommend their favorite strains rather than a strain that best fits the clients’ needs, Origins has organized its strains by cannabinoid profile and ratio, which are then categorized into “Lifestyles.”

 “Once we have established a strain’s Lifestyle, cannabis guides receive training on each Lifestyle and strains within the Lifestyle.  With these tools we have found that cannabis guides are empowered with relevant data and information to make educated recommendations versus relying on personal favorites. Origins goal is to provide relevant recommendations thus creating loyal and educated clients,” Miller added.

The “Lifestyles” created at Origins include: 

  • Self discovery
  • Adventurous
  • Social
  • Holistic
  • Party-goer
  • After hours

Vela, another top-shelf Seattle retailer, provides its customers with the “Vela Spectrum.” Each of the cannabis products in the store is sorted along the spectrum to provide a clearer understanding of your choices.

The “Spectrum” categories include:

  • Hush
  • Unwind
  • Flourish
  • Ignite

Each of the four main spectrum fields then include six sub-categories.

Hush, for example, breaks down into:

  • Anchored
  • Calm
  • Body Melt
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Sleepy
  • Tranquil

It’s a trend whose time has come. Goodbye, Cat Piss. Goodbye, Hog’s Breath. And hello names that will help the consumer.



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