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Cue Outrage: Starbucks Unveils Symbolic Green Holiday Cups

Halloween is over, which means Christmas decorations will soon be flooding stores and hate comments about the new Starbucks holiday cups will be flooding Twitter.

Last season, the traditional red cups were deemed a “war on Christmas” because of their overt lack of festive design. And now this year, in advance of its official holiday cup release, the company has introduced a “unity” cup of sorts; a green cup with a bunch of people (132 faces, to be exact) drawn in a single continuous line by artist Shogo Ota.

Explains CEO Howard Schultz:

During a divisive time in our country, Starbucks wanted to  create a symbol of unity as a reminder of our shared values, and the need to be good to each  other.

These new green cups will be offered for a limited time. Basically, until the “real” holiday cups are introduced after the election.

But a handful of confused consumers believe these Grinch cups have stolen the traditional red cups, and are having some issues coming to terms with that:

It’s rumored this year’s red cups will have a chalk design. The official announcement comes November 3, but nothing is really a secret anymore thanks to the Interwebs.

I peeked.

According to People, red cup deliveries have already been made (and photographed), and labeled “No peeking until November 10,” which we can only assume is when Starbucks officially plans to unveil the cups.

If the green cups don’t unite us, their useless drama will. Well played, Starbucks.


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