Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Dr. Fauci Says You Should Avoid Doing This Right Now

In a recent radio interview, Dr. Fauci spoke about the new guidelines posted by the CDC and the one activity the majority of us should avoid.

As the pandemic evolves and more people continue to get vaccinated, the world is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. While there’s still a long road ahead, it’s becoming more and more plausible to be able to hang out with friends and family without having to worry about COVID-19. Still, it remains important to stay vigilant.

In an interview with KNX-1070 Newsradio, Fauci spoke about the many things that he’s looking forward to once the vaccine has been distributed to large percentages of the community. He also spoke about some of his concerns during this pivotal time in the pandemic, where it’s easy to think that we’ve won the war.

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COVID Might Be The Least Of Your Worries If Traveling With Weed During The Holidays
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Fauci also spoke about the importance of staying safe and avoiding things like travel. He says that when travel can’t be avoided, it’s important for people to wear their masks and to be safe when in tight spaces.

“Quite soon, you’re going to see formal recommendations about traveling about whether or not once you’re vaccinated, you really can go safely travel,” said Fauci. “Certainly everybody that travels should be wearing a mask. So I would think of a person has to travel—and remember now traveling is discouraged because of the level of infection and community, but many people just have to travel—so if you’re vaccinated and you’re traveling, you still should wear a mask for the simple reason that you have to wear a mask when you get on a plane and when you get on a train, but more granular description about what you can do in the arena of travel, we’ll be coming out reasonably shortly from the CDC.”

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Other suggestions from Dr. Fauci include ensuring that all people have access to the vaccine, including people that belong to minority groups and are disproportionately affected by the pandemic, and that people who are hesitant over taking the vaccine should be calm and know that it’s completely safe.


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