Monday, June 24, 2024

Old School Marijuana Is Out With The New Generations

Things are different for Gen Z and Millennials with how they live/function, now they are changing cannabis

Millennials started upending the work and home environments and then Gen Z joined in.  Gone are meeting in bars, speed dating and hello Bumble, Hinge and Twitter.  Millennials speak up and are not afraid to share their views and opinions.  They believe in a more just, inclusive world and global friends.  They want to work at home, have starter kits for dinner and enjoy each day a bit more. It seems even old school marijuana is out with the new generations.

Well, thanks to a new study, they are moving the cannabis world into a new era.  They have revolutionized tech, social change, the LGBT world, dating, food delivery and service and more.  They want to experience life, go to concerts and see the world.  Convinence (except maybe in craft cocktails) is a part of the world so they can take more in. Now they are having an impact on what is produced in marijuana.

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The generations, especially the younger ones are slowly turning away from alcohol and taking up legal marijuana. They now account for 72.1% of all tracked cannabis sales in Canada and 63% in the U.S., according to a report from data analytics firm Headset.

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The imagine of the stoner rolling a blunt is still strong in the cannabis culture and most hard liners against use it as a warning sign. But they day of “hippie” is about as relevant at the fax.  The industry is driven by more Wall Street guys and mom and pop owners rather than the long haired uber-aficionado who has made it part of their future.

A big change is Gen Z consumers are flocking vape pens, accounting for 33.6% of their total sales. They are the first demographic to put a flower down and pick up something easy, quick, and easy to store after a hit or two.

Older and traditional consumers generally prefer flower and edibles, while younger, new consumers are drawn towards vapes, pre-rolls and concentrates. These are easier to share and more convenient for an on the go lifestyle.  Pre-legalization, people shared how they rolled their first doobie with flower or baked homemade “special” brownies.  Since it is legal, you just go in and buy what you want to fit your need.

Today, Gen Z and Millennials’s group activities include concerts, trips and dodgeball. They want product they can share, pack, reuse and have with them discreetly.

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So, if you want to be an early wave rider, consider changing up your habits, sharing and embracing the future!


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