Monday, April 15, 2024

BIDEN! See White House Staffers Prank Obama With Creeping Snowmen

The staff of the White House is starting to realize that in 2016, there are no rules. With just three weeks left under President Barack Obama’s administration, these staffers will soon graduate and they’re beginning to act like it. How? By pranking the President, only one of the most powerful men in the world.

This reveal comes courtesy of Pete Souza, the Chief Official White House Photographer. Souza’s Instagram account has always been a treasure trove to those wishing for a behind-the-scenes look into Obama and his administration. This time that includes pranking. Using four snowmen statues from the Rose Garden, staffers were slowly creeping the statues closer and closer to the president.

“We’ve been joking that we should move the snowmen a few feet closer to the Oval Office every day to see if anyone noticed,” Souza explained.

So while Obama worked away, filing some of his end-of-the-year paperwork, each statue took a position peering into a different window. Thankfully these snowmen didn’t get shanked, though the results were something out of a B-level Christmas horror movie. But don’t worry, the President liked the prank.

This is not the only post Souza shared that demonstrated the administration’s preparing for graduation. Barack Obama has been known to dance previously, getting down to Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” But this bonus post shows Obama breaking it down with Usher and Sam Moore during a Ray Charles tribute earlier this year.

Can you imagine this administration’s graduation party? Hopefully, we’ll receive a few more pranks and fun from them before they go. This year, we could use it.


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