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The Best Kinds Of Stashes For Discreet Marijuana Use

These storage containers are safe, discreet and make for way better options than a Ziploc bag in a drawer.

After you pass a certain age it’s just not okay to store your weed in your sock drawer anymore. There’s no need for your clothes to smell like weed and for your weed to be treated as if you were 16 and still living with your parents.

Luckily, the slow acceptance of marijuana has made a lot of companies come up with inventive devices that are capable of storing marijuana, preventing smells from leaking, preserving your expensive purchase and also being really discreet. Whether you’re 20 or 40, it’s always best for your weed to reside in a place that makes it hard to fall into the wrong hands. You want your marijuana stash to be discreet but also respectable and safe.

Here are 4 of the best kinds of marijuana storage options according to all of your needs:

Small and portable

Marijuana Mecca
Photo by StayRegular via Pixabay

If you’re looking for a small storage space that’s comfortable, prevents smells from leaking and is also discreet, you’re in luck, because there’s hundreds of these products, ranging from the very cheap to something a little more expensive. Stash Jars by SimpleChoice are sleek, small, odor proof, air tight and are capable of withholding falls and hits. They also provide sun protection, eliminating your concern over having to store your container in a dark and musty place.

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If you’re looking for something larger and are willing to pay a little more, there’s also Masterdam Jars, which come in different sizes and possess the same capabilities of the Stash Jars. They’re also very cute.

The most discreet

If you have roommates or are visiting your parents and need your weed stash to look like something other than a weed stash, there’s also options even if they’re not as foolproof as the ones presented above. There’s a hair brush with a small safe that can be used to store whatever you want (weed) and that also brushes your hair. That’s a plus. Then there’s a fake Speed Stick deodorant with a hidden safe where you can store your stuff. It has real deodorant on top, but I wouldn’t use it.

Very respectable

beginners guide to weed
Photo by OpenRangeStock/Getty Images

If you’re planning of wowing your marijuana-smoking guests, there are plenty of options for you. Most of these are expensive and sleek, containing room for storing your joints, vapes, grinders, lighters, and all kinds of devices that you’ve accumulated over the years. There’s the new KEEP, a marijuana safe that looks discreet, preserves your products and has a biometric lock that can be connected to your smartphone. It’s a smart marijuana safe. Why so much security? I don’t know, you tell me.

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If you’re into something a bit more retro, there’s this vintage style stash box that’s equipped with a combo lock. It looks like somewhere where cigars are stored and is roomy and very pretty.

For parents

Parents who smoke weed need something that’s discreet, hard to access and that can take a few blows. The best option, even if it’s not the most attractive, is STASHLOGIX Silverton bag, which comes in three sizes and has a zipper lock combination that makes it really hard to access if you’re not a child or if you’re drunk. The device is water proof, traps odors and is super resistant.

There’s also Ozchin’s smell proof bag, which also comes with a combination lock. It’s very boring looking so it’s doubtful kids will want to play with it or even give it a second look.


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