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These People Have The Most Sex, According To New Poll

A new study discovered a very specific subset of people who have more sex than others. The results are very interesting.

Sex is a topic we love to discuss. It’s something that has evolved over the years, with new generations being more open to discussing it, making it less taboo. Still, this doesn’t mean that young people are having more sex, nor does it mean that people of different ages are having more sex than in previous years.

A new poll reveals that the group that’s currently having the most sex is kind of specific: divorced or separated people living apart from their current sexual partners.

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These results were acquired by researchers in Germany who gathered data from over 3,000 people. Respondents between the ages of 32 and 46 provided answers to a detailed set of questions about their sex lives and relationships.

There were seven groups measured, including the one we mentioned above, with results showing that a person needed to have a partner in order to rank high on the list. The catch? Once that person lives with their partner, the amount of sex they have is drastically reduced.

The groups and the order in which they have sex from most to least is as follows:

  • divorced/separated people who live apart from their new partners
  • never-married people who live apart from their partners
  • divorced/separated people who live with their partner
  • never-married people who live with their partner
  • married people
  • divorced single people
  • never-married single people
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Other interesting results the study found were that frequency of sex impacted people’s happiness with their sex lives regardless of their gender, and that married people tend to have less sex than most divorced people, only having more sex than single people.


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