Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Matt Lauer And The Choker: What Other Throwback Fashion Trends Should He Try?

Matt Lauer wore a choker on “The Today Show.” That is a sentence that requires no introduction and no you didn’t read it incorrectly. This was a thing that definitely happened.

“I don’t know if you all knew this, but chokers for men are a thing too,” Lauer said during the Wednesday morning broadcast. “ASOS has a wide selection of male chokers—some in velvet, others in cotton. But they’re late to the game, because guys, I have been wearing a choker for years.”


Then, boom, Lauer flexed his neck muscles, popping that annoying top button from its thread, ripped his tie off, and revealed his secret choker. (Maybe only part of that happened.) Gender binaries aren’t real, Lauer was seemingly screaming with his fashion statement. Stop pretending otherwise.

As we happen to agree with Lauer, we thought up some other throwback fashion pieces Lauer should try, considering how quietly fashion forward the man is. He is trendy. Oh, and he should wear these on the Today Show, or some other highly public setting. Because Matt Lauer, you should be proud of who you are. You don’t need to fake it anymore.

Platform Shoes


When Rihanna’s Puma “Creeper” platform shoes won Shoe of the Year, it confirmed that platform shoes, in their multiple variations, were back. Some men aren’t brave enough to wear a women’s shoe designed by such a powerful, fierce woman like RiRi. But most men aren’t Matt Lauer. Wear some platforms, LauLau.

Body Suits


Truthfully, I wasn’t aware that body suits were a thing again. That is because most women wear them tucked in, and they look like stylish shirts. Lauer could change the bodysuit awareness for men worldwide. He could show the trend is real and isn’t just for women. Men can tuck it in, if they want. More than once, too.

Sexy, Tousled Hair


Let those hairs grow, Matty! Stop adhering to such tight hair trimmed sharp. It doesn’t matter that you’re (sort of) balding. That you’d be willing to put it on the line with this fashion statement while balding only shows how far ahead you are fashion-wise than the rest of us. Better start practicing those hair flips, boy.

Iridescent Makeup


You can always glow up, Matt. You can glow as bright and shiny as you want. Like, we already know you wear makeup. Some iridescent eye shadow could make all the difference. Plus, you can pair it with your choker.

Crop Tops


Hope you didn’t indulge too much these holidays, Matt. The people want to see some midriff. And as EPMD might instruct, you gotta give the people what they want.

High-Waisted Shorts


Just kidding. This is a trend that’s already out of control. We don’t need to see those goodies spilling out, Matty. Keep something for yourself.

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