Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Nobody Wants To Open The George Lucas Museum Except George Lucas

George Lucas, the creator of our beloved and much-loved-to-hate Star Wars films, can’t seem to find a home for his museum full of tchotchkes.

Bloomberg reports:

Lucas has offered to build his museum in a major American city for free. Including construction costs, an endowment, and the value of the artwork, his organization says the total value of his gift is $1.5 billion. ‘It’s an epic act of generosity and altruism,’ says Don Bacigalupi, the museum effort’s president. ‘George Lucas, as with any person of great resources and great success, could choose to do whatever he wants to do with his resources, and he has chosen to give an extraordinary gift to the people of a city and the world.’

But art critics — or pretty much anyone who knows anything about art, for that matter — would call what he wants to fill the museum with “schmaltzy.” His collection is made up of kitschy art including original Flash Gordon comics, Mad magazine covers and shit from his own movies. Yeah, those movies people blame him for ruining with Jar Jar Binks and three terrible prequels.

His early vision for the museum also included 500,000 artifacts from the prequels. But no one wants to host his ode to all things Lucas, mysteriously: He’s tried to build it in San Francisco’s Presidio national park, Chicago’s waterfront, and Los Angeles, but no one’s biting.

Will your city please host George’s big fancy museum? Hopefully it won’t include any fan art of Jar Jar.

[h/t Bloomberg]

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