Thursday, February 22, 2024

World’s Biggest Cannabis Brownie Unveiled For National Brownie Day

Guinness World Records, however, no longer accepts applications or creates new record titles that are related to the consumption, preparation or use of tobacco, cannabis or nicotine products.

By Javier Hasse

According to Guinness World Records, the World’s Largest Brownie was created in 2013 and weighed 243 pounds. However, there’s a new contender in town. And this one can get you high!

On Wednesday, in time for National Brownie Day, MariMed Inc. unveiled an 850-pound cannabis-infused brownie featuring 20,000 mg of THC. To make the 400 square foot brownie, MariMed’s kitchen engineers used 450 pounds of sugar, 212 pounds of butter and more than 1300 eggs. It’s 3 feet wide by 3 feet long and 15 inches tall. But why the fuss? Turns out, MariMed is also celebrating the launch of a new brand: Bubby’s Baked.

Let’s Get Baked

Inspired by the original, homemade canna-brownie, every delicious, soft and chewy Bubby’s bite is made in small batches and infused with precision-dosed, full-spectrum cannabis.

The bites are perfect for sharing with friends or eating alone and come in three classic confectionery recipes: brownie, chocolate chip, and snickerdoodle.

The line is available throughout Massachusetts and is expected to hit dispensary shelves in Delaware and Maryland early next year.

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“Bubby’s Baked fills a big hole in the edibles market that cannabis consumers crave – high-quality, delicious baked goods that stay moist and chewy,” said MariMed chief product officer and SVP of sales Ryan Crandall. “For many of us, homemade brownies were our first taste of cannabis-infused edibles. Bubby’s recreates and elevates that nostalgic experience, infusing full-spectrum, craft-quality cannabis into timeless recipes, for a reliable high reminiscent of simpler times. Strategically, Bubby’s is part of our effort at MariMed to build a house of brands that meets different consumer needs across a diverse range of occasions.”

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Bubby’s edibles were previously piloted in Massachusetts under the name “Bourne Baking Co.”

A bit of added controversy: MariMed applied for the Guinness World Record for the largest edible brownie. The organization, however, replied that “Guinness World Records no longer accepts applications or creates new record titles that are related to the consumption, preparation or use of tobacco, cannabis or nicotine products.”

This article originally appeared on Benzinga and has been reposted with permission.


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