Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Matthew Gaetz To Democrats: Get Over Trump And Focus On Marijuana Reform

Congressman Matthew Gaetz (R-FL) is both a conservative squarely in Donald Trump’s camp and one of the loudest politicians supporting cannabis reform at a federal level. A dichotomy that might be at odds with one another at times, but does explain some of Gaetz’s recent comments at a House Judiciary Meeting.

As Marijuana Moment first reported, Gaetz believes his Democratic colleagues have good ideas around cannabis reforms, but they’re too distracted by investigations and allegations around if Trump did not obstruct justice and collude with Russia.

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“There are some really good ideas that my Democratic colleagues have once they get to acceptance on the ‘no Russia collusion’ thing,” he said.

The hearing regarded Attorney General William Barr, who refused to comply and release the full report prepared by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that detailed Russian interference in the 2016 Election. Gaetz alleged the meeting wasn’t about Barr, the report, or Russian interference. Instead Democrats just wanted to impeach Trump. This, in Gaetz’s estimation, was a distraction from pushing through positive bipartisan legislation, including measures around cannabis reform.

For example, Rep. Eric Caswell (D-CA) has “great ideas to unlock potential cures with medical cannabis reform,” Gaetz said. “But we’re not doing any of those things.”

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“And by the way, I’ve got a bunch of my friends on the other side of the aisle lowkey wish that their actual bills that would impact the lives of Americans would get heard instead of this garbage,” he also added.

You should also know that Gaetz made these comments just one day after news that votes on two bills around medical marijuana and military veterans were canceled. The chair of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee announced those votes would be re-scheduled for a cannabis-centric hearing at a later time.


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