Thursday, March 23, 2023

Good Samaritans Are Giving Free Sex Toys To Those In Need

For every orgasm a woman has in her life, a man has three. Seems unfair, doesn’t it? It’s not because women don’t want to reach the peak as much or often as men — studies have debunked the ideas that male and female libido is inherently different based on gender. Women get themselves off (not to mention each other, if they’re in a same-sex relationship) as quickly and easily as men.

That’s where the true heroes at Sexy Liberation (cough) come in (cough). They’re offering free or reduced-price sex toys for people who want to experiment with new ways to find sexual satisfaction, but are unsure of what’s best for them, or don’t have the means to blow a paycheck on the latest Rabbit-O-Matic 5000.

They explain their mission on their website:

Sexual exploration is an important component of progress in the ongoing Sexual Revolution. In 2014, we noticed that there are no services that existed such as this, so we started to build one. At first we began locally at clinics, gender studies departments, feminist gatherings, and most recently at protests. Many people don’t have access to or haven’t been exposed to the exciting world of sexual exploration, we want to help people, especially women, by being a stepping stone. Personal experimentation with sex aids can help women discover and embrace their own sources of pleasure. And a woman who knows herself sexually will feel more confident talking honestly with her partner about her needs and desires. If you are woman in a relationship that is having trouble getting off, we are here for you.

The free offerings include a vibrating cock ring, butt plugs, and a lipstick shaped bullet vibrator. Kegel balls, a wider variety of dildos and vibrators, and various other playthings are also available at a reduced price.



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