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Here Are 8 Crazy Guinness World Record Holders In The Sex Category

The Guinness Book of World Records has a lot of variety, ranging from incredible feats by Olympic athletes to the man who has the longest nails in the world (this is a FACT). It’s a book where all accomplishments are celebrated and there’s a certain level of equality and respect for one’s commitment to a cause, no matter how gross it is.

We present to you these sex records that’ll rock your world and will make you feel like an extremely average human in comparison. Considering what you’re about to read, that’s a good thing.

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The Longest Masturbation

Masanobu Soto from Japan made his country proud by masturbating for 9 hours and 58 minutes. He beat the previous world record – which was also his – by 28 minutes.

The Longest Kiss

On 2013, Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand made out for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. That’s more than a day. These people didn’t sleep, didn’t eat, didn’t even take a bathroom break. They were awarded cash, two diamond rings and immortality in the Guinness Book of World Records. Talk about hard work.

Maximum Birth

During the 1700’s it was recorded that Ms Vassilyeva from a village in Russia gave birth to 69 kids. There were 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets. WTF genetics?

Most Orgasms in an Hour

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In 1966, doctors from the Center for Marital and Sexual Studies in California said that a woman enjoyed (did she, really?) 134 orgasms over the course of an hour.

Boob Size 102ZZZ

Nope, that is not a car plate. Annie Hawkins holds the record for having the largest natural breasts in the world. 

“It made me feel like a million bucks. It’s such an honor. This will go down in history. It’s something I’ll always cherish.”

That’s what she said when the Guinness World Records gave her the title in 1999. Okey-dokey.

World’s Biggest Orgy

250 men and women gathered in Japan to have sex at the same time and same place to create the world’s largest orgy. The whole act was choreographed so that couples were having sex at the same positions and at the same rhythm. The participants were all tested for STDs, because safety first.

The Longest Ejaculation

Horst Schultz achieved 18 feet and 9 inches (6 meters!). The ejaculation’s speed was of 42.7 mph. That kind of qualifies as an extreme sport.

The World’s Strongest Vagina

Tatyana Kozhevnikova owns this unofficial record (the Vagina Weightlifting category doesn’t exist at the Guinness World Records but just you wait) by being able to lift up to 31 pounds with her vagina. The video below shows her demonstrating her talents on “The Body Shocking Show.”



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