Monday, May 27, 2024

Doing This One Thing Can Greatly Improve Your Sex Life

A pair of scissors probably doesn’t incite a desire for sexy times, but a new study finds that getting snipped can improve your sex life.

German researchers from Frankfurt University found that men who underwent vasectomies reported having more fun and more sex overall.

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Okay, so you’ll have to give up any plans for expanding your family, but not having to stress over an unplanned pregnancy is actually why researchers think vasectomies make sex better. Plus, fumbling around with condoms can be a mood killer in itself.

In the study, 294 couples were surveyed. Nearly half of men said their sex lives significantly improved after getting a vasectomy, 12.4 percent said they were having sex more frequently and 4.5 percent said they were having less sex.

According to Men’s Health, this recent study backs up data from a 2015 Stanford study of nearly 6,000 men that found guys with vasectomies “had sex 5.9 times per month, compared to 4.9 times for intact guys.” The study’s author, Dr. David Guo, told Men’s Health that he echoed the new research, saying couples would be more likely to get busy with the risk of getting knocked up off the table.

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Sorry, ladies. The study concludes that women perceive no difference in sex after the procedure, only that “the satisfaction of the women was not reduced by the vasectomy.” So, that’s something.


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