Saturday, August 20, 2022

5 Weird Factors That Predict Good Sex

People worry about so many silly things when it comes to good sex, like acrobatic technique and how many orgasms they can produce in the shortest amount of time. But they forget about the most important detail: a positive attitude.

Experts agree that a good attitude is one of the main reasons why we enjoy great sex, and it’s not limited exclusively to the bedroom. In fact, to have great sex you must have a positive attitude that reflects on all aspects of life.

Here are 5 weird factors that predict whether or not you’ll have good sex:

Great sex happens when you like the person you’re having sex with obviously, but your attitude towards sex and how “good” you are at it can be super influenced by the relationship you have with it. If you’re open about sex and you don’t think that it’s a taboo topic, you’ll be willing to explore more things and to let yourself go.

I think talking about sex with your friends can help normalize interests and behaviors and it can also spark your imagination.”

Sarah Watson, sex counselor and therapist, believes that talking about sex with your friends can push you to try out new things and to be educated on the matter.


Making your partner laugh and having an easy going relationship with them is always a plus, especially when it’s reflected on all aspects of your dynamic, not only when it comes to sex. Being silly and playful means that you’ll be able to overcome any awkwardness that arises when you’re having sex and you accidentally elbow your partner in the eye.

Chemistry is very hard to define, but if you’re making each other laugh then you’re on the right path.


We know it’s embarrassing to be open about human things that you don’t want to remind your new love interest, like constipation or how much it hurts to shave, but studies have discovered a direct link between honesty and great intimacy. It’s not sexy to discuss a bad day, but in the long run, your honesty will be appreciated and will lead to some great things, re: sex.


If you’re a slob that’s amazing, because it means that you won’t be afraid or get skeeved out during sex, which is a messy messy process. If you’re an organized person who likes to maintain a schedule and to have a lot of control, try shaking things up once in a while and to be a little bit less uptight. This “looser” mentality will leave a positive impression on your sex life, allowing you to enjoy the emotional and physical intimacy that comes out of this process instead of the minutia like the fact that the sheets are a little coarse and that you haven’t shaved in three days.

Eye Contact 

While it may make some people uncomfortable, eye contact is very important when it comes to romantic relationships, establishing a bond of trust and openness. It’s a good thing when you can’t keep your eyes of each other, don’t lose that.


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