Saturday, August 15, 2020
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People Are Freezing Their Penises And Vaginas For Sex Stuff

For about $62, you can reportedly get your genitals “frozen” at a spa in Manchester, England to make them more sexually appealing.

The Manchester Evening News reports that the Ainscow Spa offers a unisex Love Mist treatment from Cryotherapy UK, which they claim will “tighter and more youthful” look around their sex parts.

“When the sub-zero temperature covers the skin, the sudden drop in heat stimulates the temperature receptors, prompting the brain to transmit messages throughout the body so the blood vessels undergo ‘vasoconstriction,’” the spa writes on it’s website. “This produces a quicker blood flow and ramps up endorphin levels, generating a natural high.”

But how does it feel? “It’s not uncomfortable, it’s quite relaxing,” Cryotherapy UK co-director Debra Lister said last year. “You can feel it nipping a little bit but it’s not invasive at all and it’s a lot better alternative to things like botox.”

The Love Mist is reportedly only available for a limited time, so if you’re hoping to tighten up your junk by freezing it, you better hurry to Manchester.

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