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Why Sex Results In Better Sleep, According To Science

Sex and sleep have a solid relationship, one that’s supported by hormones, physical tiredness, and emotional vulnerability.

Sex and sleep make a great combo, something that’s incredibly convenient and maybe the reason why it’s so common to have sex before bedtime. But why does sex result in better sleep? Is it a real thing that can be explained by science or is it a statement that we believe in due to anecdotal evidence?

The link between sex and sleep is very real, with scientists explaining that the drowsy post-sex feeling is due to the hormones that the body releases. Still, whether or not someone feels sleepy after they have sex is up to the person and depends on a variety of factors.

“Sex and other forms of physical intimacy at bedtime have been shown to increase drowsiness, reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, and improve overall sleep quality,” Dr. Shanon Makekau told Everyday Health.

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The moment sex is over, two hormones are released: oxytocin and prolactin. The first is the love hormone, known for promoting bonding, affection, and for providing people with better sleep. The latter is known to increase while people sleep, and it peaks after orgasm, which explains why some might feel like nodding off immediately after.

Other reasons why you might find yourself feeling sleepy after sex include physical exertion and emotionally feeling tired. Even if you’re not doing any crazy positions while having sex, it’s still a cardio workout and thus an activity that releases endorphins, improves your blood flow, and is tiring.

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In the case of your emotions, when people have sex with someone they trust, they lower their guard and might find themselves feeling very relaxed because of it. This can translate to sleep or a feeling of emotional exhaustion, which is also something that likely results in sleep.

Sex and sleep have a solid relationship, one that’s supported by hormones, physical tiredness, and emotional vulnerability. Still, you shouldn’t stress out if that isn’t the case for you. Sex feels different from person to person and can be impacted by a variety of factors.

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While someone might feel sleepy after an orgasm, someone else might feel wired and energized. This can change depending on the occasion, your mental state, the person you’re having sex with, and more.


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