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That Time Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon Got Busted With Weed In...

If we've learned one thing over the years, Mickey Mouse isn't down with marijuana.

Robert Downey Jr. Was Once Busted For Smoking Weed At Disneyland

Robert Downey Jr. joined Andrew Garfield as Marvel superheroes who love getting high at Disneyland.

Gossip: The One Thing That’s Stopping Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield...

The one thing that’s stopping Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield from getting back together; How much money the GoT cast make per episode.

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Tyga Explains what it was really like to date Kylie Jenner; Andrew Garfield clarifies his ‘I’m gay’ comment.

Disney World Is Officially Banning Marijuana In Florida Theme Park

Though Florida passed medicinal cannabis laws last year, Walt Disney World recently added “marijuana” to its list of prohibited items.

Visualize the News: That Time Andrew Garfield Ate Weed Brownies And...

Andrew Garfield relayed recently his favorite birthday experience included two key components: Disneyland and his best friends. And pot brown