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Disney World Is Officially Banning Marijuana In Florida Theme Park

It’s still a small world after all in the eyes of Disney. Though Florida passed medicinal cannabis laws last year, Walt Disney World in Central Florida recently added “marijuana” to its list of prohibited items.

While “illegal substances” have always been included in Disney’s list of prohibited items, this recent addition seems a direct response to Florida’s passing medicinal marijuana. Back in November, 71 percent of Floridians voted yes on an amendment to legalize medicinal cannabis, aiding patients a range of ailments.

This seems like a largely missed opportunity on Disney’s part, though the family-friendly stance theme park setting forth this conservative move isn’t surprising. You might remember our friend Andrew Garfield who relayed his experience of eating pot brownies and attending Disneyland. He described the experience as such, “It was literally heaven.”

Establishing “literally heaven” feels like Disney’s whole theme park strategy, but who are we to contest? Donald Duck probably wouldn’t be a fun smoking partner anyways.

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