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Andy Cohen Reveals The Cities That Didn’t Make the Cut for...

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Prince Harry Wants To Raise Archie As A ‘Private Citizen’; Remember...

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Maury Povich Once ‘Inhaled’ A Marijuana Strain Called ‘Connie Chung’

Maury Povich once traveled to Washington so he could smoke a marijuana strain named after his wife, veteran journalist Connie Chung.

Andy Cohen Is Livid Over Luann de Lesseps Interview; Will Jen...

Andy Cohen is furious that Luann de Lesseps' first interview post-rehab is with NBC's Megyn Kelly. And why are Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck dragging their feet on their divorce?

Oprah Winfrey 2020: What Is Her Stance On Marijuana Legalization?

Following Oprah’s show-stopping speech at the Golden Globes Sunday, rumors continue to swirl that the media mogul might consider running for President in 2020.

Why Sean Hannity Called CNN The “Fake New Cannabis News Network”

During CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage, the network cut to anchor Randi Kaye who was stationed in Denver, Colorado, and Sean Hannity has something to say about it.

Gossip: Andy Cohen Wedding Bells; Kendall Jenner Betrayed By Paris Jackson

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The latest celeb gossip from our friends over at NG: Kim Kardashian is sloppy seconds; Kelly Ripa begs Andy Cohen to save her show.

Wait, Is Anne Hathaway Secretly A Marijuana Enthusiast?

So it turns out that Anne Hathaway might not be so green when it comes to the green. That means she might like a little marijuana now and then.