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Jonas Brothers Rumored To Be Reuniting: ‘They’ve Healed Their Rift’; Kim,...

The latest celebrity news and gossip from our friends at Naughty Gossip.

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The latest celebrity news and gossip from our friends at Naughty Gossip.

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The latest celebrity news and gossip from Naughty Gossip.

2017’s Best Comic Books From Each Major Publisher

Scandals and natural disasters aside, 2017 was pretty sweet, especially in the world of comics.

Study: Kids Complete Boring Chores Better When Dressed As Batman

Both kids and adults like to believe in superheroes because mythic figures like Batman provide hope when life is at it's bleakest.

The Year’s Final Hot Meme Is All About Terrence Howard And...

Which is all to say who could have guessed that posting a picture of Terrence Howard photoshopped into Star Wars would take off as it has.

Gossip: Caitlyn Jenner Defends Donald Trump Russian Ties; Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’...

Caitlyn Jenner defends Donald Trump Russian ties; Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’ script was scrapped

Here Is Everything We Know About The New ‘Justice League’ Movie

Zack Snyder is really good at producing trailers, because even after being burned by Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, we're excited for Justice League.

Ben Affleck Leaving ‘The Batman’: Damn Fool Or Serious Artist?

The most enduring images of Ben Affleck, Tend to involve him being played. No guessing is required, the reason why is right there staring at you.

Rebirth Trade ‘Son of Superman’ Is Great For Hardcore Fans And...

In the coming weeks, DC will be unleashing the first volumes of Rebirth trade paperbacks, and currently available is my favorite superhero’s book 'Superman: Son of Superman.'