Saturday, April 20, 2024

The Year’s Final Hot Meme Is All About Terrence Howard And Star Wars

New memes generate every day but every few weeks, a new one manages to capture our hearts and lols. How or why they infect us with click-sharing joy remains a vexing proposition that media corporation wished they had the answer to, but that unpredictability is one of the main mysterious allures of meme culture.

Which is all to say who could have guessed that posting a picture of Terrence Howard photoshopped into Star Wars would take off as it has.

Since this photo posted on Dec. 7, Twitter users can’t stop posting pictures of Howard’s face inserted into massive pop culture entities. And he’s always using the word “mayne.”

In case you’re not versed in the extended universe of Terrence Howard, I point you to the 2005 film Hustle & Flow. Howard’s character says “mayne” more than a whopping 200 times. So people have taken that inspiration and made up their own IronMayne, BatMayne, It Mayne, and more.

Check it out:

We could go on forever posting these. With all the memes we’ve seen take over this year, this one is probably my favorite for its sheer ingenuity of parodying Howard and whatever piece of pop culture they pasted him in. Sort of a double punchline if you will.

To his credit, Howard responded online via video, giving the people some more examples, mayne.

Let’s pray this meme never ends, mayne.



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