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Man Points A Gun At Someone Over A Political Bumper Sticker

Edward Burns faces a felony charge after pointing a gun at a democratic activist. It’s strange that statement doesn’t sound strange at all.

The event is being referred to by officials as a road rage incident where, during a heated argument that led to a car crash, Burns threatened to shoot Laura Umphenour, an activist who’d just attended a protest. According to the police statement, both parties were being offensive with each other and were using strong language. At one point, Umphenour pulled up her car next to Burns and flipped him off, which prompted Burns to pull out his gun and point it at her, threatening her. Because that’s the logical response to a heated argument.

Umphenour declared in her statement that she was in fear of being seriously injured or killed, which made her jerk the steering wheel and lose control of the vehicle. This sudden reaction struck the front of Burns’ SUV and led to both of the vehicles to slide across the roadway and crash into a guardrail.

During his confession Burns noted several political decals, which expressed a different political view than his own, on the rear of Umphenour’s van; which he thought were stupid.”

Declared the policeman in charge of the investigation. So, in hindsight, you should be wary of what you say, who you talk to, and also, which bumper stickers you have in your car. You never know who might be watching and clearly, there are some weird people everywhere. 


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