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Las Vegas Marijuana Tour Buses Hit Legal Speed Bump

While a few upscale bus companies started making their plans to create marijuana themed buses, but Nevada nixed the idea.

How A Vegas Pastry Chef Keeps Her Marijuana Edibles Fresh

When your job is to make baked goods, the last thing you want is for them to go stale. Same with infused goodies. Hoe do you keep marijuana edibles fresh?

See The Couple That Got Married In Las Vegas Weed Dispensary

Due to the sheer quantity of nuptials, virtually every Las Vegas wedding has happened nearly dozens of times. In a Las Vegas weed dispensary, though?

A Simple Guide To Buying Marijuana In Las Vegas This Weekend

You are officially able to purchase recreational marijuana in Las Vegas as of July 1, though the road getting here wasn’t so smooth.

Legal Marijuana Purchases Available In Vegas Next Month

Vegas’ idea to use its medical marijuana market to temporarily service the recreational crowd is supposed to launch sometime within the next month.

You Might Soon Be Able To Smoke Marijuana While Walking Down...

Smoking marijuana in public places could soon become a thing in Nevada, that is if one state lawmaker has a say in the matter.

For The Win: Bob Dylan Might Be Ignoring the Nobel Prize...

Though everyone reacted with very strong opinions regarding Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature win, one person, seemingly, did not respond at all: Bob...