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There’s A Beetle Species Named After Leonardo DiCaprio

Most actors don’t have beetles named after them but Leonardo DiCaprio sure does, and he’s super proud of it.

James Cameron: Why Jack Had To Die In ‘Titanic’

Of course we’re discussing Titanic and of course we’re discussing the movie’s iconic scene when the fated ship finally sinks.

Math: Both Jack And Rose Could Have Totally Survived The ‘Titanic’

A group of high school sophomores born after Titanic debuted figured out that Rose and Jack would have survived the sinking ship if they shared space.

Time To Log Off: Re-Imagining The Titles Of Great Movies As...

Great movies have great titles; the same cannot be said about great content on the internet, still clickbait works, right?

Gossip: Abby Lee Miller Probably Won’t Survive Prison; Why Is Leonardo...

Abby Lee Miller probably won’t survive prison; Why is Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a heart monitor?

So Who’s To Blame For The Oscars’ Massive ‘La La Land’-‘Moonlight’...

The producers of La La Land were standing on the Oscars' stage, holding those Oscar statues, when they lost. The underdog Moonlight had won.