Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Phil Murphy

New Jersey’s New Adult-Use Cannabis Bill Just Might Pass

Lawmakers continue to work on it and now a new legalization bill is finished, polished and ready for possible implementation.

NJ Senate President: We Have The Votes To Legalize Cannabis

Steven Sweeney believes he has the support to carry full cannabis legalization and expanding the state's medical marijuana program.

How Social Reform And Cannabis Legalization Are Linked

For decades one of the greatest arguments against the War on Drugs, and cannabis in particular, was the racial disparities in arrests and time served, and the resulting problem of overcrowded prisons packed with victims of a social stigma, many of whom were not even close to criminals.

The Future Of Recreational Cannabis In New Jersey ‘Rounding The Corner’

Well, it’s been well over 100 days and Gov. Phil Murphy still hasn’t managed to legalize marijuana. It was a big part of his campaign rhetoric, but it was also a big part of his budget.

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Finally Reveals If He’s Smoked Marijuana

Throughout the New Jersey gubernatorial race, Phil Murphy reiterated his pro-cannabis legalization stance as a platform issue. His staunch support of recreational marijuana caused...

The Murphy Effect: NJ Medical Marijuana Program Going Gangbusters

Medical marijuana patients in New Jersey call it long overdue relief. And one New Jersey newspaper calls it "The Murphy Effect."

The 5 States With The Highest Marijuana Arrest Rates

Believe it or not, the state with the highest marijuana arrest rate doesn’t contain a major metropolitan city.

Do You Qualify? NJ Has A New List Of MMJ Conditions

Phil Murphy took one look at New Jersey’s floundering medical marijuana program and made it a top priority.


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