Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Phil Murphy

What You Need To Know About NJ’s Legal Marijuana Controversy

The Statehouse in Trenton, NJ was a theater in which about 150 people gathered to debate cannabis legalization in the Garden State.

Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Introduced In New Jersey

Phil Murphy has introduced Senate Bill No. 830, which aims to legalize marijuana for adult use in New Jersey.

Gov. Phil Murphy Goes To Work On NJ Marijuana His First Week In Office

New Jersey’s Governor, Phil Murphy celebrated his first week on office by getting to work on the state's marijuana laws with Executive Order Number 6.

Former NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s 5 Worst Opinions On Marijuana

We are grateful that Phil Murphy, who campaigned in part on legalizing recreational marijuana, assumed the New Jersey gubernatorial role this week.

Path Set For Recreational Marijuana Legalization In New Jersey

Incoming New Jersey governor Phil Murphy campaigned on the promise of cannabis legalization and New Jersey lawmakers have once again introduced legislation to do just that.

Will Citizens Be Able To Grow Their Own Marijuana In New Jersey?

Phil Murphy promised to legalize recreational cannabis within his first 100 days in office.

Phil Murphy Elected NJ Governor, Cannabis Advocates Rejoice

As the election results came in, Jerseyites weren’t exactly on the edges of their seats - Phil Murphy was the projected winner before the polls even closed.


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