Friday, December 3, 2021

plastic surgery

Breast Implants And Marijuana: What Women Should Know

While marijuana is typically advised against before surgery, many doctors and surgeons are speaking out about its effects for after-care. 

People Are Now Getting Plastic Surgery To Look Like Snapchat Filters

Welcome to the future, where instead of using photo filters where they belong (on social media), people are using them as a template for what they want to look like IRL.

These Are The 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

If the first thing you see when you look in the mirror is an urgent reminder to change your body somehow, you're not alone.

Designer Nipples Are Now A ‘Thing’ Thanks To Kendall Jenner

Breast implants, sure. Nipple injections? WTF are those? That's the normal reaction of someone hearing for the first time that Kendall Jenner has sparked demand in this cosmetic procedure.

Meghan Markle Is Inspiring People To Get Plastic Surgery On This Body Part

Meghan Markle, who's set to walk down the aisle on May 19, is inspiring women to not only wait for Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet, but get this body part tweaked.


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