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Harry And Meghan Blew Chance At Happy Royal Life

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had the world at their feet, according to one royal insider. But is the Duchess of Sussex to blame for the royal family fallout?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex “had their world as their oyster” according to the Queen’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter. But Harry and Meghan blew chance at a happy royal life.

Arbiter made those remarks on a British TV series called “The Royal Beat,” while also stating that before he met Meghan, Prince Harry had accepted his role as the “spare” to his brother William’s “heir,” but then Meghan became sulky.

“Their world was their oyster and they blew it. They literally blew it, they had everything [but] I don’t think everything was what Meghan wanted,” Arbiter told host Kate Thornton.

“Harry was the spare and the Cambridges are the heirs.

“He accepted his role, he was always born to that.

“Until Meghan came along and she could not accept that. She couldn’t accept being in the second row.”

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He added that “Harry’s biggest mistake was leaving the army. He should have never left.”

Royal commentator and executive editor of The Sun, Dan Wootton, echoed Arbiter’s sentiments, adding that although the Duchess may not be solely responsible for the falling out with the royal family, she seems to “fall out” with just about everyone else she’s close to.

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“She falls out with virtually anyone who she’s close to, including her own blood relatives,” he said.

“So it’s not a surprise that she engineered a split between Harry and the people he has been the closest to and relied on for his whole life.

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“He was so close to William and so close to Kate.

“Now, I’m not saying that you can blame Meghan specifically for the breakdown in that relationship.

“I think both couples rubbed each other up the wrong way from the start.”

As to why Meghan and Harry stepped away from their royal duties and moved to California (aka Megxit), royal expert Katie Nicholl said it had everything to do with money.

“I think it was to have latitude, to have space, but ultimately it was to make money and that is what they are doing.”

Harry And Meghan blew chance at happy royal life, no surprise.


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