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The Sneaky Way Kate Middleton Is Stealing The Spotlight From Meghan...

But now that Markle has a newborn baby and Prince Harry to keep her in the spotlight, the Duchess of Cambridge is subtly letting people know she's not going to take a backseat to anyone.

Why Prince William Waited 7 Years To Propose To Kate

In the grand scheme of things, waiting seven years to decide whether or not you want to spend the rest of your life with another human being is nothing. But when you're a royal and all eyes are on you to pick a princess, it's a lifetime. 

This Is Why Meghan Markle Avoids Red Lipstick

The Duchess does her own hair and makeup, even when tending to royal duties abroad with Prince Harry.

Prince Harry Was Seen Kissing A Meghan Markle Lookalike After Winning...

While Meghan Markle was home caring for their newborn son, Prince Harry slayed a charity polo match in Rome on Friday. Thankfully, a lookalike was on hand to congratulate the Duke of Sussex.  

So, That’s Why Prince William And Kate Middleton Broke Up In...

With recent affair allegations surrounding Prince William, some are starting to look back at the shaky beginning of William and Kate's relationship. 

Is This Why Kate Middleton Often Wears Bandages On Her Hands?

Whether she's playing with her kids, talking to press, or enjoying an evening out, the Duchess of Cambridge seems to sport some sort of bandage, either on her finger or hand. And it's not just recently.

All The Photos That Prove Duchess Kate Is The Most Normal...

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Kate Middleton is a certified Princess. Here are a bunch of photos to prove that she's happiest when she's being herself.

‘He Stole My Thunder!’ Says Hollywood A-Lister Who Shares Birthday With...

George Clooney may not be a likely candidate for godparent to Baby Sussex, but he has the next best thing: He shares a birthday with him.

Dogs Of Instagram: Welsh Corgi

If you follow the Royals, likely you follow their Corgis. Originating in Wales, the Welsh Corgi has been linked to the British Royals for centuries.

Baby Sussex Birth Certificate Reveals Meghan Markle’s Official Occupation

The official birth certificate for Archie Mountbatten-Windsor has been released for the world to see. That's great and all, but did you see what his mom listed as her occupation?