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What To Do If Smoking Marijuana Irritates Your Throat

Savoring the classic marijuana by smoking sometimes can aggravate your throat – here is what to do

From cowboys to country stars to rock legends to Main Street, marijuana has been part of the culture for generations.  The classic view of someone smoking a joint is burned into the image of the marijuana user.  But today’s consumer is very different.  With cannabis being legal to over 50% of the population and widely viewed as having medical benefits, it is more accepted.  A large portion of new users are opting for vapes or gummies.

But if you want enjoy weed in a classic fashion, it is still popular, but what to do if smoking marijuana irritates your throat? For some who smoker, the enjoyment is cut short due to the irritating sore throat developed after smoking. Medical marijuana patients are also hit, and some have had to change how they consume.  What to do if smoking marijjuana irritates your throat, you can either switch how you consume or try these ways to soothe your sore.

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When a person smokes, it results in a dry mouth and throat. This is because toxic chemicals are inhaled along with the tar present in the hot and dry air. These particles can irritate the throat. Research by National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) has made it known that the smoke inhaled when smoking cannabis comprises ‘carcinogenic combustion products’. This is a reason for users to develop sore throats.

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If you’re a new user or you just recently developed the irritation here area a few solutions to potentially soothe the sore throat and other symptoms.

Smoking dehydrates the throat and mouth—that is, it draws and dries out the moisture that is needed by these tissues.  Smoking for a long period of time without drinking  hydrating liquid can be detrimental. The healthy lining of the throat gets stripped off when there is no moisture available, hence, the painful soreness felt in the throat as well as the raspy voice that’s developed.

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Spicy foods can aggravate the situation also.  While smoking marijuana might create a case of the munchies, it is best to avoid the heat.  The acidic nature of these hot spices could worsen the inflammation. Chilli pepper, hot sauces, and even nutmeg should be avoided.

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Rather, you should eat soothing foo like ramen, tomato juices, and other sauces which can help ease the pain and boost the immune system. Make sure the fridge is filled favorite non-spicy meals. Ice cream is also a better option for when your throat is burning up after smoking.

Saltwater gargle is a tired and true solution to throat infections. In the same way, it is an efficient solution for easing a sore throat. Warm up a small amount of water, add 2-4 tbsp of salt and stir till the salt dissolves. Then gargle for at least 30 seconds before spitting the water out and gargling another. Continue till you feel better. Results can be seen in a few minutes, or at most a few hours. A Chloraseptic spray acts the same way salt water does.

Other solutions include lick honey or lemon, drink herbs tea with fruits, avoid caffeine or energy drinks, and try doing it outside in the fresh air.

If this is too much or if it doesn’t work, consider changing the way you consume to either vaping, gummies or maybe a sublingual.



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