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These Are The Most Sex-Crazed States In America

For its experiment, Four Loko tracked sex-related Googles searches, such as "dating apps," "best bars for singles," "where to buy condoms," and "how to get more Tinder matches."

Surprise: Teens Are Vaping More Than Ever

A new study found that about 9 percent of all students were vaping cannabis, which equates to about 1 in 11 students surveyed.

Study: 18% Of People 21 And Over Consider Themselves Cannabis Users

Out of the 1 in 5 Americans utilizing cannabis, 48 percent use it to relieve anxiety, and 40 percent use it as a sleeping aid or for pain relief.

Whether Or Not You Do This In The Morning Says A...

There's a specific habit that some people do first thing in the morning that can predict their personality, from how much sex they have to what type of TV shows and music they prefer.

Study: Older Adults Are Using Cannabis At Higher Rates

With all the good that cannabis does — and shows potential for — it’s no wonder that more seniors and baby boomers are either going back to pot or picking it up for the first time.

Study: CBD Shows Therapeutic Effects On Psychosis

This new study shines light on CBD’s effects on the brain and the regions in which its benefits are most effective, especially in the area of psychosis.

Getting Paid To Check Work Emails During Commute Could Ease Rush...

Passengers who were interviewed for the study said they considered their commute as time to catch up with work outside of office hours.

1 In 7 People Used Cannabis In 2017 And Other New...

More than half prefer to smoke it.

This Is How Many Hours It Takes To Make A New...

Researchers have pinpointed the exact amount. And it's kind of a lot.

How To Get Paid To Eat Avocados Every Day For Six...

The study will examine whether eating one avocado a day reduces belly fat.