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5 Ways To Manage Your Loneliness

People are understandably feeling more lonely than usual. Here are some ways that can help you feel better.

The coronavirus pandemic has been described as many things, with all being accurate. The past couple of months have been a boring and anxiety inducing experience. But the one word that most people bring up is loneliness, even for those who are quarantined with family. While people have started creating social bubbles with others, odds are that you likely haven’t seen some people in a while and it’s affecting you.

Loneliness doesn’t only pop up only when you’re alone. It can affect us at the most inconvenient times, like when we’re having a Zoom chat with friends or a family dinner. Nowadays, all sorts of things are making us feel lonely, whether that means that you no longer can talk to your favorite bartender or don’t know when you’ll be able to see a friend who lives in a different country.

Here are 5 effective ways of coping with your loneliness:

Try to have some perspective

Loneliness is a lot like anxiety and depression; it often clouds your life and prevents you from seeing things clearly. Your loneliness might make you feel like things are way worse than they are, and can stop you from reaching out to others — especially if you think you’ll be rejected for whatever reason.

Find different sources of comfort

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One of the easiest and most effective ways of distracting ourselves is by watching shows and movies, and while this is effective and makes us feel less lonely, it also needs to be moderated. While people form bonds with fictional characters, they’re not the same as real relationships and can make you feel lonelier. Make the time to do other things, whether that’s working out, getting out of the house, reading a book or talking to your friends.

Reach out to people 

While it’s tough to continue excitement over Zoom meetings and FaceTime phone calls, it’s important to reach out to others when isolated. Try texting them, sending voice notes, or using an app to watch movies and TV shows together. If you think about a friend or family member that you haven’t seen in a while, send them a text, a meme, or a link that they’ll find interesting. All of these small gestures help people feel closer to each other and will help you feel much less alone.

Have vulnerable conversations

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While the pandemic has been tough, it also has facilitated a vulnerability in conversations that wasn’t there before. People are now more open and willing to talk about the stressful and bad stuff that’s going on with their lives. Take advantage of this opportunity and be honest with your friends and family about your struggles with feeling lonely and with whatever else is going on in your life. You’ll most likely find that you’re not alone.


While it’s expected for all of us to be dealing with more problems that stem from our mental health, it’s also important to remember that therapy is an option. If you believe that your problem is past the point of you surrounding yourself with others, a consult with a therapist might help you get some perspective and help if necessary.


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