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Study: This Nighttime Activity Makes Us Happier Than Money

Getting a good night’s sleep and having a satisfying sex life are both strong indicators of a person’s well being. And it makes a great case for having high thread-count sheets.

This news comes courtesy of a new “Living Well Index,” created by researchers at Oxford Economics and the National Center for Social Research. They interviewed more than 8,000 Brits, asking them questions related to nearly 20 topics ranging from finances to the environment. Each was then given a score of up to 100. The average score was 62.2. Not terrible, but not great. Sleep quality alone added 3.8 points, while a 50-percent pay raise made less than a one point difference to the overall wellness score. Money can’t buy a good night’s rest.

The UK-based research authors say that better sleep is the single biggest contributor of living better, adding “Over 60-percent of the group living very well felt rested most or all of the time after sleep, but less than 5-percent of the group struggling felt this way.”

They also explain that there is a huge difference between feeling rested “some of the time” and feeling well-rested in general.

“This improvement would exceed even the benefits of quintupling someone’s disposable income.”

Those who scored high on the Living Well Index also reported having a more satisfying sex life

The happiest people were also more likely to report being highly satisfied with their sex life — almost two-thirds. That’s twice the average.

Researchers also found that, right behind sleep and sex, a sense of community was important for well-being. For those addicted to social media, that means IRL relationships — face-to-face interactions. A whopping 73-percent of those who ranked high on the Index reported strong support networks.

Money can’t buy happiness after all. But it can buy you some new bedding.


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