Friday, June 14, 2024

Pete Davidson Blasts Anti-Weed Commercials

While Pete Davidson isn’t yet a beloved marijuana icon on the level of Snoop Dogg or Willie Nelson, he’s certainly on his way. Think of the “Saturday Night Live” comedian as a cannabis prince of sorts. His association with the plant runs deep, both in “SNL” sketches like “New Marijuana Policy” and in using marijuana to treat his Crohn’s disease and Borderline Personality Disorder. Now watch as Pete Davidson blasts anti-weed commercials.

You would think we’ve heard every weed joke from Davidson by now, but you’re wrong. Thanks to a resurfaced stand-up comedy set he performed in Montreal, we have Davidson riffing on New York’s anti-marijuana commercials and making us howl with laughter.

“I don’t have a problem with anti-weed commercials. There are negative side effects to weed. It’s just like, you should make real ones. Use me and my friend,” Davidson says.

Davidson then goes on to describe his buddies on the couch, hanging out and smoking. His buddy tries to grab Davidson’s attention by saying, “Yo, Pete!” but he doesn’t respond. After a few moments, he repeats his name again, and still no response. Finally, he yells, “Yo!” and Davidson replies, “What?” Then across the screen flashes, “WEED.”

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“That’s the whole entire commercial, very low budget,” Davidson says, before launching into a second commercial where him and his buddy go shopping in the mall while high. They pass a Crocs store and grow ecstatic about how “mighty comfortable” the shoes are. After buying the shoes, “WEED” appears on the screen again.

The whole set lasts about 10 minutes and worth your time. Davidson jokes about how mean approach their health, especially their penis health, and how quiet he is during sex. Guess we’ll have to ask his new fiancée Ariana Grande to confirm such rumors.


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